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I totally forgot about this site.

Sorry everyone. I wil post later. Hopefully we can start over and be friends again.
I finished twilight. yay me
So yesterday i bought New Moon. I want to burn it. The begining made me so mad i cried.

I hate edward so much.

So as of right now I am so for Jacob/Bella untill i read it more ^^

*runs to read*
Sorry I have not posted or given comments. Ive been really busy
and have also been reading Twilight.

Its awsome. Edward is awsomd. I dont want to give any spoilers so i wont say anything else.
Just that i cant stop reading it. I cant wait till i finish it so i can read New Moon.
Im going to stay on a bit longer and give peoples comments.

Sorry Everyone

Hope everyone is doing good so far. I spent the day getting the outside ready for tonight. It was fun.

So i decided im going to dress up as a football player with my brother. He is wearin his Yaffle (some football team thing) uniform and I am wearing my Broncos jeresey, Yes i like the Broncos. GO ME!

Now i am going back to read twilight. I love that book. i havnt put it down today. Why didnt i read this thing along time ago. Then i would be able to talk with peoples about how cool it is. XD
Ok so Ive been looking for some sites that have yu yu hakusho avatars. I cant really seem to find some that i like.
Anybody know where i can find some? Or someone could make me one. I would love you forever. ^^

I am so tired. Oh and yay my second post. haha I wont be counting my posts just so you all know. I would loose count after a while. Anyway  I am working on getting my profile in running. Hopefully i can find someting cool that will describe me. Just typing about it would be boring. I would be boring to read also. So hopfully I can find something cool for that also.

Does anyone go to gaia online? Please add me (search for earthkai)

Well anyway. Im going to go read Twilight now. Im on the 7th chaptor and i already love it.
Well this is my first post. Hopefully i will stay. I used to be earthkai but then i left. maybe this time will be different. I will make new friends and hopfully post aot more. I would like to meet new people. Well i cant think of anything else so i guess this is it.

*runs to go look for a nice community to join.*



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